As the principal shareholder and managing director of IMMOVATE, Martin Kurschel is among the big names of the real estate sector and has been one of Austria’s most successful drivers of business for roughly thirty years. At only 23 years old, he purchased and restructured RASANT GmbH, a machine factory that was insolvent at the time and specialised in research and development, the patents for which Martin Kurschel continued to hold after selling the company.

In his search for innovative business and investment models, Martin Kurschel founded IRMA in 2016 and now leads the property investment company sensitively and responsibly – not only for his employees and investors but also with regard to sustainability and quality of life. However, this father of three does not see this as a patented recipe for success. After all, new and important decisions have to be made every day and the status quo must always be challenged anew.


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Martin Kurschel