Martin Kurschel
As the principal shareholder and managing director of IMMOVATE, Martin Kurschel is among the big names of the real estate sector and has been one of Austria’s most successful drivers of business for roughly thirty years. At only 23 years old, he purchased and restructured RASANT GmbH, a machine factory that was insolvent at the time and specialised in research and development, the patents for which Martin Kurschel continued to hold after selling the company.In his search for innovative business and investment models, Martin Kurschel founded IRMA in 2016 and now leads the property investment company sensitively and responsibly – not only for his employees and investors but also with regard to sustainability and quality of life. However, this father of three does not see this as a patented recipe for success. After all, new and important decisions have to be made every day and the status quo must always be challenged anew.

Thomas Doll
Finance and tax expert Thomas Doll holds one of the managing director positions at IRMA Investments, bringing decades of experience in the financial industry and implementing it profitably in real estate investment for IRMA. This Salzburg native has held managing positions including at Post & Telekom Austria AG, Österreichische Post AG, trans-o-flex GmbH and as the executive director of conwert Immobilien Invest SE. He has also held seats on several supervisory boards in Austria and Germany, including with Österreichische Post AG and KWG Kommunale Wohnen AG.


IRMA – this name stands for/represents continuous dynamism. Vision with security. Intuition with reason.


And intuition is simply decades of experience. These are the qualities that distinguish Martin Kurschel, founder of IRMA and managing director of the IMMOVATE Group, and the two managing directors Andreas Rosenberger and Thomas Doll. As a team, they develop high-quality, high-yield properties based on extensive knowledge of various markets and usage classes throughout Austria and Europe.



IRMA was founded by property developer Martin Kurschel out of a desire to mobilise real estate as an investment item.

As an owner-managed, investing property developer and portfolio manager, we not only handle our own equity, but also embrace the responsibility that we have towards our investors, partners and the people that ultimately use our properties.
By combining select, high-ranking projects with the ideal, capable investors, as well as the right partners, we are able to transform individual values into actual added value.

“In everything we do, we stand out for our broader values and beliefs, which have developed constantly through more than 25 years of industry experience. Dynamic and sustainable development and growth is in our DNA.”

Martin Kurschel, Founder and managing director


We discover and launch new and existing sources, the value of which we align with our corporate values and those of our investors.

We achieve this through in-depth local market insights, personal relations and an extensive range of services. Straight to the point – we are personal, reliable and efficient.



IRMA represents added value in its purest form.

As such, we not only provide tailored services for our investors; we also revitalise entire urban and rural districts sustainably. We do all this with one aim in mind: to achieve maximum profits for every project and every one of our stakeholders – always with an eye to the long term. But take a look and see for yourself.


IRMA Investments GmbH

Wipplingerstrasse 1/1 Top floor
1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 53 23 500
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Everyone knows that time is money. Contact us directly for a personal discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.


IRMA Investments GmbH
Wipplingerstrasse 1/1 Top floor
1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 53 23 500
E-Mail: [email protected]